We Are Still In Beta

Laytr.com is still in beta, which means that it is still being tested and developed. It works, but there may be bugs and problems. Even though we would love for you to use it – even encourage you to – you should not trust Laytr with anything that’s important to your life, love or happiness. At least not yet.

Terms of Service

When you use Laytr, you agree to the following terms. If you do not agree – or if you for some reason cannot comply with these terms – you may not use Laytr.

Purpose of these terms and guidelines for their interpretation
We wish to provide our users with a useful service, and not cause any harm. But accidents happen and disagreements occur. When they do, we want these terms to protect both you, the user, and us, Laytr (including Laytr’s owners, Sorenso as, Papaya design & marketing as and Christian K. Nordtømme).

These terms are not, of course, above the law. They only apply where the law permits, and when there’s a conflict between these terms and applicable law, the law wins.

When it comes to a service like Laytr, we have made the assumption that for you, the user, the most important things to protect are your privacy, as well as ownership and control of your own information. Also, you expect a reliable and trustworthy service.

The most important thing for Laytr to protect, is our basis for staying in business: That includes our intellectual property, our integrity and trustworthiness, and a certain freedom to experiment, develop and and innovate.

These values, as well as a general aim to treat everyone with respect and honesty, have guided us in writing these terms – and are a major reason why we have tried to make these terms readable by ordinary people, and not legalese. Where the terms are ambiguous, they should be understood in terms of these values, as well as common courtesy and common sense.

In essence, we promise to work hard to earn the trust our users place in us, and to continue improving.


Laytr is provided «as is» and «as available». We will do our best to deliver a service of high quality, but there are too many factors outside our control for us to give any guarantees. Specifically, we can not guarantee that any e-mails arrive in the recipient’s e-mail inbox.

In other words: You use Laytr at your own risk.

That being said, we are confident that it is not really much of a risk, and to show you what we mean, we will publish uptime statistics on Laytr.com.

Also, in order to keep innovating, we need some room to maneuver, and therefore we need to reserve some rights:

First and foremost, we reserve the right to make mistakes. We don’t know what mistakes we’ll make yet, or what the consequences will be, but we ask for your understanding and patience.

Secondly, we reserve the right to change the way Laytr works, the right to impose limits and restrictions on the use of Laytr, and the right to shut any and all parts of Laytr down – temporarily or permanently.

We understand your need for predictable and reliable service, therefore, we will make every effort to inform you in advance when we make changes or expect downtime that will impact your Laytr user experience. We can’t promise that we always will, however, because sometimes that may not be possible.

Privacy and Account Security

In order to use Laytr, you have to provide some information about yourself (such as your e-mail address, name and contact details). We ask that you keep that information accurate, correct and up to date.

We will store this information, and use it to deliver the services we are selling, as well as provide you with important information about Laytr and your customer relationship. Also, we may use it for statistics and development.

We will, however, not give any identifiable information to any third party, unless ordered to do so by a court of law (with proper jurisdiction).

We will not store any e-mails or attachments entrusted to us significantly longer than necessary. We do, however, keep a log of e-mails that pass through our system. That log contains the e-mails’ header information, such as sender, recipient(s), subject, ip addresses, server information, as well as all relevant dates and times.

It is important that you keep your account information safe, because you are responsible for the way your account is used. If you become aware of any unauthorized use of your account, notify Laytr immediately at http://www.laytr.com/wip4/feed….

We may let you connect your Laytr account to other web services, such as Google, Facebook or others. These are there for your convenience. We hope you understand that we cannot be held accountable for anything on other sites or services than our own. Still, if you do experience anything objectionable on any sites we link to, let us know. Maybe we should reconsider our relationship with that particular site.

Content and Intellectual Property Rights

Laytr is copyrighted. Basically, that means that Laytr and Laytr’s owners own every part of the Laytr service – all code, text and images; the way it looks, all trademarks, logos, domain names and other distinctive brand features. And it is quite important to us to have control over how it is used.

Therefore, without written permission from Laytr, you may not copy, sell, distribute, give away or trade any part of Laytr. You may not use the logo or trademarks, the images or our text, and you may not use any of Laytr’s code. Also, when you use Laytr, you agree not to remove or change any of the notices we affix to e-mails or other correspondence as part of our service.

If you have an idea that incorporates using any of Laytr’s intellectual property, try getting in touch and asking us. Maybe we can make a deal.

Copyright has another side to it, though. We do not claim to own anything you send through Laytr. That is your intellectual property (or possibly someone else’s, depending on what you are sending). If you want to know more about copyright, you can read about it on Wikipedia.

In order to do our job, however, we need your permission to store, move and manipulate your e-mails as we deem necessary, so by using Laytr, your permission is implied.

We don’t monitor the information that passes through Laytr. That information belongs to you, the users, and you should have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Therefore, we can’t be held accountable for any content sent through Laytr. You are responsible for all content you send, just as the people with whom you correspond are responsible for the content in the e-mails they send.

In order to fight spam, phishing, distribution of malware and other internet evils, however, we reserve the right to conduct occasional inspections, and to subject the most suspicious e-mails to closer scrutiny.

Ending Your Relationship with Laytr

These terms apply until either you or Laytr end the relationship and deactivate your account with Laytr. Both you, the user, and we, Laytr, have the right to end the relationship immediately, without prior notice, and with no obligation to give the other any reason.

If you simply stop using Laytr, you will still be registered in our system, and we may still contact you with service updates and other such notices. If you want completely out, send a request for closing your account to [email protected], or use the method we will make available to you in your account at Laytr.com. We will ask you to confirm your wishes. Similarly, if Laytr for any reason decides to deny you service (typically for abuse of Laytr or violation of the terms), we’ll send you an e-mail to that effect.

When your account is closed, Laytr will delete all information related to your account, except logs and information we need to keep for purposes of statistics, development, bookkeeping and administration.

Also, when an account is closed, there are no new obligations, but both you and Laytr are bound by the terms for all transactions and transmissions that have already been carried out.

When an account is closed, we will refund any full calendar months for which you have paid full price – unless you owe us money.

Abuse of Service and Violation of Terms

On Laytr.com, and in a series of e-mails our users have access to, we have documented how to use Laytr. We do not want you to try to access Laytr in any other ways than those we have intended – especially not through any sort of scripts or automated processes.

Neither are you allowed to do anything to interfere with, sabotage or disrupt Laytr. If there’s something in particular you’re after, or if you have an idea for using Laytr in a way we haven’t thought of, let us know about it – maybe we can work something out.

Laytr will not tolerate use of our service for distributing unsolicited bulk e-mail – a.k.a spam. Nor will we tolerate use of the service for distributing viruses, adware, spyware or other kinds of malware.

If you violate the terms, or if you help or encourage anyone else to violate them, we will react. Chances are we’ll deny you service. If your offense is serious enough, we’ll prosecute; if it’s innocent enough, we’ll only ask you to set it straight and make it up to us.

Changes in these Terms

These terms will be updated from time to time. When that happens, we will post the new terms on the website, and notify you – through e-mail or some other means of communication you have told us that you prefer.

The relationship between you and Laytr is governed by the laws of Norway, and we both agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts in Norway to resolve any legal matter.