Sorry – We’re Closed

Sorry, We're Closed We are sorry to announce that Laytr is shutting down.

We will be closing Laytr in stages, so as to minimize the disruption and inconvenience we cause for anyone.

We will immediately stop accepting new users and upgraded subscriptions.

On June 29, we will stop renewing paid subscriptions. We will, however, continue to service all accounts until their subscriptions expire.

On July 31, we will stop accepting new emails from unpaid accounts. By that time, that will include anyone who is currently on a monthly plan.

Shortly after July 31, we will delete all inactive accounts. That means accounts with no scheduled emails, and no active subscription.

Any emails queued up to be sent before May 1, 2019, will still be delivered as scheduled.

If you have any emails scheduled to be sent after that date, we will contact you, and help you transition away from Laytr.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] However, we expect an uptick in support requests after this announcement, so please allow a few days to get a reply.

Thanks for having been part of Laytr.