Address your e-mail to the time of your choice, e.g. [email protected] Add recipients, if you want, to the subject and in (parentheses). Send it. That’s it.

The part before the @ doesn’t have to be Monday, of course. It can be any day of the week, in which case Laytr will send the e-mail at 8 a.m. on that day. Or it can be any month of the year, in which case we’ll send it on the first day of that month.

It can also be the day of a month (one or two digits), the time of day (three or four digits, followed by am or pm if you prefer a 12-hour clock over a 24-hour one.), or one of several «fuzzy» terms, like tomorrow, nextweek and nextyear. Or it can be any sensible combination, where the keywords are separated by periods, for example [email protected] or tomorrow.noo[email protected]

As for adding recipients other than yourself, put them in the subject line, separated by commas, and enclosed by parentheses. Like this: ([email protected], [email protected]). When you add other recipients, you won’t get the original e-mail in return unless you add yourself to the list, but you’ll get a receipt when the e-mail is sent. Also, don’t worry about the subject line: The parentheses with all the recipients will be stripped away when the e-mail is sent, but the rest of the subject line will remain untouched.