About Laytr

The idea for Laytr was borne out of respect for productivity systems like GTD, ZTD and Inbox Zero, which all in some way advocate uncluttering your attention.

The problem is that many people find it hard to free themselves from their email inbox. Instead of trying to fix people’s addiction to email, we wanted to build a system that helps people where they spend their time anyway – right there, in front of their emails.

Laytr is not intended as a complete system in itself, but a supplement to whatever already works for you. A tool that you can use to tie up some loose ends. Why not try it out? The basic edition is free.

In the longer term, however, Laytr is on a mission to fix and futureproof email. We believe that there’s nothing wrong with the concept, just the format.

Laytr was bootstrapped in Oslo, Norway, and New York, New York.